We are young, old, single, married, fathers and grandfathers.
We are teachers, engineers, plumbers, accountants, draftsmen, builders and

We share one thing in common – we are brothers!

Whether you are new to Freemasonry and want to know more or you are a Mason
who is looking for a welcoming lodge with which to affiliate, it is our hope that you
will be at home with us at the Prince of Wales Lodge …

Why join the Prince of Wales Lodge?

Every lodge is unique in its membership, culture and attitude, although all lodges
follow similar principles. We at The Prince of Wales Lodge feel that we have a
vibrant, enthusiastic mix of new and established brethren which can offer a great
deal to a new member.

Diversity - All are welcomed at The Prince of Wales Lodge.

Friendship -We are friends inside the lodge and out. We meet for social events and
we make visits to other lodges on a regular basis.

Sense of Community - Masons refer to one-another as “brother”. We support
each other as we are able and are united in our interest in Masonry and in the
betterment of the community.

Social ActivitiesThere are regular opportunities to mingle with members and
family on a social basis.

Fundraising and Relief - Charity is a cornerstone of Freemasonry. We support
worthy causes to the best of our ability.

TeamworkThe members of the lodge are a team and there are opportunities
which may help you to apply and extend your skills in a number of areas.

Educational OpportunitiesThere are opportunities to expand one’s knowledge
through the study of Freemasonry and by joining one of the many associated orders.
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In the beginning…
The Prince of Wales Lodge, No. 1338,
under the United Grand Lodge of
England, was founded on the 18th day
of December, 1869, and consecrated
on Thursday, the 28th day of
September, 1871, at the Masonic
Hotel, Princes Street, Auckland,
by Bro. J.J. Fitzgibbon, Past Master of
the Waitemata Lodge, No. 689, E.C