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Discussion and Research
The problem is that the quotations are all taken
from the Authorised Version of the Bible, known
to the iIIiterati as the King James Version. This
translation was published in 1611. It is in many
ways a most remarkable work, which gives the lie
to the theory that nothing good can come from a

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There are many references to King Solomon’s
Temple in our Rituals. Some of these are Biblical
quotations, some are Masonic Traditions. In the
case of the latter there is often good reason to
ask whether they have any factual basis, but
also, in some quotations there is good reason to
doubt the accuracy of the Biblical translation.
A paper by

W. Bro. Rod Harries, Master, The
Amberley Lodge 2007, EC.

Presented to the Masters and
Past Master research Lodge,
A mystery within a mystery
A couple of years ago I was charged with
looking into the mystery of who was Mark
Mendoza, a name that is inscribed on one
of our Past Masters collars. Our history
stretches back to 1871 and while we have
a good record of many of our past masters
some of our members are a mystery.

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A paper by

W Bro. Ron
Pemberton March
The Prince Of Wales
Lodge 1338 EC
Auckland, New
A paper by: Pro Grand Master, Lord Northampton

I start with the disclaimer that the views in this paper are my own and not necessarily
those of Grand Lodge. As Pro Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England,
and therefore the most senior representative of the Grand Master, I am conscious that
one of my responsibilities is to try and steer the Craft during my tenure of office in a
direction which I hope will be beneficial for its future - hence the title of this paper.

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The Five Orders of Architecture
“I have been a Freemason since 1999
and on many occasions have heard in
the second degree that, “five hold a
lodge, in allusion to the five noble
orders of architecture, namely the
Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, and

W Bro. Ron Pemberton, DGSD
2010 AD

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