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Ellerslie Masonic Centre, 9A Robert Street, Ellerslie, Auckland, New Zealand
Membership does impose some obligations upon members.  

Members are expected to attend the regular monthly meeting (held every
month except January) whenever possible
Members are expected to promptly pay the annual subscription

Members are invited, but are not obliged, to:

Contribute to the work of the lodge as best they are able
Attend the regular, partially social, weekly meetings
Join other members in visiting other lodges to the extent they wish to do so
Take one of the offices in the lodge as they acquire the necessary skills to
do so
Participate in the various social events which take place during the year
Assist with the lodge’s charity work

Freemasons are expected to give the highest priority in their lives to their family and their work and any obligations to their lodge are secondary to those and any other
commitments they may have.
How to Join?

Complete the form on the 'Contact Us'
page and submit.

Within a few days a member of the
lodge will contact you and arrange to
meet you.

After meeting the member, if you
wish, you will be invited to attend the
lodge or one of the social events to
meet more members.

You will have several opportunities to
meet members while you decide if
Freemasonry is for you.

If you wish to go ahead, you
complete an application form.

You are then invited to meet the
Committee if you haven’t already
done so.

Your membership is proposed to the
lodge and voted on.

You are invited to attend your first
formal lodge meeting.
Please feel free to contact us
anytime, we welcome your
feedback and inquiries.
Freemasonry initiation. 18th century
Freemasonry is open to all men and upright character who have a belief in a
Supreme Being. Mature age is defined as aged 21 years or over. However,
membership can be considered for men aged 18 and over.

Anyone interested in joining is invited to meet some members so they can ask
questions. If they wish to go further, they will be invited to visit the lodge socially
so they can meet members and ask any questions they have.
If they wish to join, the prospective
member must complete a straight
forward application and declaration and
be proposed and seconded by current

All prospective memberships are voted
upon by the membership of the lodge.
Following the successful ballot, the new
member is invited to embark upon their
first step in freemasonry.