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Ellerslie Masonic Centre, 9A Robert Street, Ellerslie, Auckland, New Zealand
Meetings and Events

The regular monthly lodge meeting is held in the evening on the second Thursday of
every month except January.

The Master elected for the forthcoming year is installed each September.

In addition the Lodge of Instruction meets every Thursday evening, except when a
regular meeting is taking place. This is an opportunity for newer members to
socialise with other members and to learn more about masonry
Social Events

There are a number of social events during the year which members of the lodge
can attend, with their partners if they wish.

These include

A barbeque during the summer
St Patricks Day celebration (hosted by the Irish lodge)
St George’s Day celebration
Robbie Burn’s Night (hosted by one of the Scottish lodges)
A Hello/Goodbye Night in October to welcome the new master and farewell
the previous master
A Christmas function
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